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A Historic Church with a Living Mission

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Join us in February as we experience Jesus as Healer, Shepherd, Sender, and Servant
Sunday mornings at 10:00am


Many thanks to all who contributed to this year's Souper Bowl of Caring offering. We collected 196 pounds of food for the GoochlandCares food pantry and $723, which will be distributed to the lunch program at St. Matthew's Anglican School in Belize and be used to establish a hunger fund for evangelists in Niger.


Wednesday Night Special: Illuminating Lent

Join us during the Lenten season for dinner ($5) and intergenerational programs each week:
Wednesday, February 26:  Ash Wednesday Worship
Wednesdays, March 4 - April 1:  Bible Study
Thursday, April 9:  Maundy Thursday Worship


 Vacation Bible School Offering Update

This summer, our Vacation Bible School offering was collected to purchase soccer balls for children in Niger. When our missionary arrived in Niger in November, a more pressing need was discovered - a Christian school needed playground equipment to attract new families. Our $360 offering purchased the merry-go-round and slide shown here, hand-crafted by a local craftsman. For children who do not have play equipment or toys at home, having an opportunity to play at school is very important. We are so grateful to have been able to partner with the Evangelical Church of Niger (EERN) to make this gift possible.



Hebron Day School - Open Enrollment

Click the logo to learn more about Hebron Day School and contact
our Director to arrange a visit!
Here are some ways you can support Hebron Day School:
- Pray for our Day School staff and families
- Be an occasional guest reader for Ready, Set, READ - Sign up on the Church Info bulletin board
- Help with holiday parties or other special activities