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Pastoral Care Resources

While COVID-19 affected the ways we were able to fellowship and provide pastoral care to one another, our Hebron Shepherd Ministry continued to make contacts, provide encouragement, and share pastoral care needs during the COVID period. Our pastor responds to known pastoral care needs with visits when appropriate, and with telephone and email contacts. 

Our Hebron Shepherds operate under a Pastoral Care Team comprised of ordained deacons. The Pastoral Care Team offers the following helpful information: 

We are all called to be "shepherds" to care for one another. Although we may not be professional counselors, each of us can:

* Listen more than you speak
* Care in order to establish a relationship
* Invite and welcome by including new visitors in conversations and activities
* Pray and seek guidance from God


Resources When You're Grieving


Issues Related to Aging

Click here to download a "Healthy Aging" resource provided to us by Rev. Anne Lane Witt of Saint John's Episcopal Church:

Ways to honor our elders:

Priceless advice from older Americans: