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A Historic Church with a Living Mission&

Core Values

Core Values

  • The stated mission of Hebron Presbyterian Church is simple: “To Spread the Word of God.” We seek to do this in a variety of ways and through all of our activities and worship. Our Sunday services are both in-person and online, so that they are accessible to all. Our children and youth are nourished with biblical principles, and we provide a safe and inviting place for children to attend our Christian day school. Many of our adults seek deeper knowledge of the Bible through Sunday School and other small group Bible studies. This knowledge provides confidence to help them share their Christian faith with others. Every aspect of our mission and ministry is performed in the name of the living Word of God, Jesus Christ.

  • Hebron Church is a congregation that believes in and lives out the value of mission beyond our own church community. From local, hands-on work and giving at ministries like GoochlandCares, to generous support for Christian education in the African country of Niger, we seek to use the resources God has given us to effect lasting help and change where there is human need.

  • Christian fellowship is a crucial aspect of life together in the church community. Sharing times of enjoyment with other believers both strengthens us as individual Christians and helps to build up the life and ministry of the congregation. While the COVID-19 pandemic made this aspect of church life challenging, we are engaging in new ways of sharing fun, food and friendship with one another.

  • Preaching at Hebron Church is rooted each Sunday in a passage from the Bible. We understand the Scriptures to be the unique and authoritative witness to the Person of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Our pastor’s sermons are both expositional – seeking to help us understand a passage in its historical context – and topical and relevant in describing how these ancient, living words apply to our lives, today.

  • While we are largely a conservative congregation, we strive to keep our focus on our shared faith in Jesus Christ, rather than on theological or political differences we may have. We want Hebron Church to be a place where the love of Christ sits at the head of the table, and where each believer is respected as an authentic member of the Body of Christ; even as each of us is being challenged to a more faithful walk with our Savior.
Hebron Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
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