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PNC Update:


Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) Update (September 2023)

Where we've ‘been’:

• Review of hundreds of Personal Information Forms (PIF's) produced via electronic matching in the Presbyterian’s Church Leadership Connection (CLC) system.  PIF’s are matched and produced against the Ministry Information Form (MIF) created by Hebron Presbyterian Church.
• A half dozen Zoom and in-person interviews with prospective Pastors.
• Prospective Pastor was identified, and a decision reached with one candidate who was called to another Church.
• A dozen PNC meetings were held.
• Networking within Hebron (w/ guest Pastors and with congregants) and external of Hebron to find candidates.
• Connection and collaboration with the Union Presbyterian Seminary to identify prospective Pastors.
• Collaborate with the Presbytery of the James resources and staff.

The many hours spent meeting, identifying our search criteria, reviewing resumes, and communicating with potential candidates just seem to be a blur.  At times, we felt frustrated and discouraged about our lack of progress.  It seemed that there were very few qualified candidates that we felt moved and spiritually dedicated to.  Through it all, we learned that God is faithful and that His choice would be revealed in His time.  We are grateful to Diane Luczkovich for her dedication as PNC Chairperson.

Where we are and where we're headed:

The make-up of our Committee has changed slightly and we've reassigned duties. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Pastor Nominating Committee (Cheryl Nuckols, Brian Eberhart and Carol Dunlap) for their contributions of time, discernment, and prayer.  Their love and commitment to the future ministry of our church is clearly evident.

The CLC system (mentioned above) has gone through a complete revamp by the Presbytery.  The CLC was unavailable for a period of a month or so.  The new ‘product’ will have an improved matching algorithm resulting in better matched, higher qualified candidates.  In accordance with the new system, Hebron is required to create a new Ministerial Discernment Profile Form (MDP - formerly called a MIF) to be resubmitted to the Presbytery.   Similar to before - the MDP will be matched against the system which will produce Personal Discernment Profiles (PDP's - formerly called a PIF).  The Committee will take a fresh look at the PDP's for candidates.  A MDP is currently in the approval process by Session and then on to the Presbytery!

Please watch this space for updates!

Yours in Christ,
Scott Parks
PNC Chairman

Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) Update (October 2023)

Our MDP has been approved by Session and the Presbytery Committee on Ministry Moderator!  The PNC Committee can now use the new CLC system and view ‘matched candidates’.  At first blush, the new system appears to be much more sophisticated and accurate with it's matching.  The PNC Committee is now diving into the matched PDP's and will meet next week to discuss and select.

See below for our published Ministerial Discernment Profile Form (MDP) that is up on the CLC system and in use for matching for candidates.

The Search is on…

Yours in Christ,
Scott Parks
PNC Chairman

Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) Update (November 2023)

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) met twice in November.  The reason is twofold – to examine the results from our very first matching with the revamped CLC system and to meet again because we discovered some bugs in the system.  After consulting with the CLC system folks, the bugs were worked out, and we ended up with a total of 27 ‘matched’ candidates.  We eliminated 25 from consideration for a variety of reasons and asked to go the next step with two.  One candidate declined our invitation to be considered, and we are looking closer at the remaining individual.

Additionally, we initiated a new, fresh ‘request rematch’ to obtain a new, more recent set of candidates.

We’re finding the new CLC system to be greatly improved from a technical, user-friendly and quality perspective.  However, there are other elements that have been challenging to become accustomed to and --- did I mention the bugs we continue to find??  

Statistics that are interesting reflect the challenging landscape we’re facing:  

Entire Presbyterian denomination:
     •    Head of Staff church postings 47, call seekers 246
     •    Solo Pastor - Installed church postings 240, call seekers 287
     •    Solo Pastor -Temporary church postings 8, call seekers 102
     •    Transitional/ Interim Pastor church postings 28, call seekers 123
     •    Bridge/Gap/ Acting Pastor church postings 3, call seekers 65

     •    24 current searches in Virginia for pastors
     •    16 are looking for Installed Pastors
     •    2 are looking for Temporary Pastors (Interims and Covenant Pastors)
     •    2 are looking for Yoked Congregations

Presbytery of the James:
     •    8 congregations who are searching for pastors with one more getting their paperwork together
     •    1 of these is looking for a part-time pastor
     •    1 of these is open to either full-time or part-time
     •    1 of these is looking for a co-pastor
     •    5 are looking for installed pastors

Yours in Christ,
Scott Parks
PNC Chairman

Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) Update (January 2024)

After a respite from the Holidays (and a COVID breakout on the part of one of the members!), the Committee will begin again - in earnest - and meet in mid-January.  We remain very positive and prayerful in our efforts, and we feel the love and support from our Congregation and Session as we move forward.  The following statement / announcement was issued from the pulpit this past Sunday (January 21) and echoes the support that we feel and are grateful for.  Please include the Pastor Nominating Committee in your prayers and with the approach of Spring, we are filled with God's love and optimism.

"I would like to give you a brief Pulpit Nominating Committee update.

There are four very important points that need to be shared.

1. The average timeline for a PNC to complete their search is usually 18 months to 2 years.
2. In the middle of our PNC’s work, the Presbytery’s system that they were using was
    replaced by the PCUSA with a new national system. All the preliminary documentation
    that had been done by all the Presbytery of the James churches conducting minister
    searches had to be redone to be put into the new nationwide system.
3. All the work that is done by a PNC must remain confidential. If you ask any of the
    members of our PNC what is being done and their answer seems very vague, they are
    doing their job!
4. Probably the most important part of the search process is that finding a new minister
    for our church is not like conducting a normal job interview. The most important part is
    that the person who is ultimately selected should feel a strong call from God to become
    the next minister for Hebron and our PNC members should also feel that God is truly
    calling this person to come to Hebron.

Having said all of this, our PNC is working very hard. They have reviewed many, many
candidates on paper from around the country. They have had phone calls and visits from
several people as a next step. And all of their work is backed by prayer and serious
deliberations. We are very lucky to have such a strong PNC."

Yours in Christ,
Scott Parks
PNC Chairman







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