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A Historic Church with a Living Mission

Christian Education


Hebron Presbyterian Church is going through a big transition.  Pastor Allen has been the interim here for over two very productive years, but a new day is coming.  The Search Committee is in full swing and very soon a new pastor will be coming onboard.  So, how do we handle this?  Do we celebrate?  But won't Pastor Allen feel bad?  This new pastor has a lot of expectations upon will they measure up?  How do we smoothly handle going from one pastor to another?

Hopefully, the sermon series will address these questions as we discover how people in the Bible handled this very issue: Moses to Joshua, Elijah to Elisha, John the Baptist to Jesus, and on and on.  We have many good examples of transition.  



Christian Education for All Ages

Hebron offers programs and Bible study groups for all ages. Depending on the topic or theme, some classes meet by age group (children, youth and adults) and some are intergenerational. Whatever the setting, we are excited to dig deeper into God’s Word together as a church community.
Bible Buddies at 10:00am (launches 9/10/17)
Bible Buddies is for preschoolers and kindergartners ages 3, 4, and 5. Interactive Bible learning, music and games led by trained adult volunteers while parents and older children are worshipping in the sanctuary.
Kids' Club at 9:15am (launches 9/10/17)
Kids Club is for elementary age children in grades K-6. This fall we'll focus on Bible Basics with hands-on learning activities, games, music and more. 
Hebron Kids For Christ
Preteens in grades 4-6 meet once a month for fun activites, outreach projects, Bible study and more!
Hebron Youth
Students in grades 7-12 meet on Sunday evenings for Bible study and fellowship. We also have many special events throughout the year.
Wednesday Night Special
Wednesday Night Special is our seasonal mid-week program which occurs twice a year, in the 6-8 weeks prior to Easter and Thanksgiving. We enjoy a hearty dinner together followed by intergenerational Bible study.
Bible Reading Plans
Click here for several options to guide you through reading the Bible:

For more information on age-group Christian Education programs, click the links on the left side bar.