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Telling Your Easter Story

April 07, 2019
By Connie Weaver

“God hold you in this turning, Christ warm you through this night,

Spirit breathe its ancient rhythm, Peace give your sorrows flight.”

Richard Morgan uses this snippet of poetry by Jan Richardson to open the first chapter of his book, Remembering Your Story: Creating Your Own Spiritual Autobiography. Morgan’s book has helped many over the years who’ve wanted to connect-the-dots of the events of their lives in order to see patterns of God’s artistry in their spiritual journeys. Morgan believes the need to collect and remember our stories is more urgent than ever: 

“American life and culture are changing so fast that older people realize that their grandchildren have no idea of the events that shaped their lives. And more and more mid-lifers are realizing that with the increased mobility of modern life, family stories that once were passed down orally will be lost if not preserved.”

            Morgan helps the reader think of his or her life as a river, recognizing the “tributaries” that have fed us, and noting times when the river of our life has helped to nourish others. When has your “river” been fast and turbulent? When has it been slow and meandering? When has it been quiet and deep? And in every part of the “river” of your life, where have you recognized God’s grace? Morgan helps us to claim our “stories” and to see how they interconnec to form the larger story of our human life. 

            It’s been said that “the greatest story ever told” is that of Jesus Christ, as related to us in the four Gospels of our New Testament. The story of Jesus is truly “great” because of what God accomplished through it; coming into the world in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, teaching us and showing us love, and dying a death for our sinfulness that grants us the hope of forgiveness and eternal life. 

            During the remainder of the Lenten season leading up to Easter, we’ll be telling that story again at Hebron Church. Beginning on Palm Sunday and continuing through Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday, we’ll remember again the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and we’ll celebrate once again God’s glorious resurrection of Jesus when his friends and family and followers thought his story had ended. The good news for the story of your life is that no matter how deep or dark certain stretches of your “river” have been, you’ve never been truly alone; and when we place ourselves in the hands of the great Navigator, we find that our Lord is trustworthy not only to bring us safely through, but to give meaning to our hardest times.

With prayers for your journey, 

Connie Weaver