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Reports from the Field

July 27, 2018
By Connie Weaver

Greetings from your pastor! We had a wonderful turn-out last Sunday to hear some of our youth speak about their mission trip experiences in Kentucky. Thanks, again, for the generous support many of you provided to make this trip possible for our youth; and thanks, as always, for your prayers. Our youth served by cleaning and cooking at a homeless shelter, by leading Vacation Bible School for high-risk children, and by conducting a Shoes for Hope event, in which they washed the feet of children and teens, shared the Gospel-love of Jesus with them, and gave them new shoes. Lori Alford, our Director of Christian Education, shared some other comments made by youth following the trip:

“This week meant a lot to me. It made me feel like a better person to help out ones in need. I also feel very fortunate that I don’t have to go through what the kids are going through.” 

“This week helped me realize that the stories of people living in run-down houses and doing awful things to their kids is an actual reality that people have to live through every day.” 

“This week meant a lot to me. It means I can be a good enough person to believe in God and help all of the other children and people in need and that is hard to do. Nobody wants to waste precious time but when we use that time to help others we feel great and we are glad we used that time to help others.” 

“This week has changed my life and my faith altogether. I had the chance to bond with three amazing children and it only took three days at VBS...they affected my life so much. I plan to visit them in the hopeful near future.” 

Let's keep praying for these kids who experienced so much during their trip to Kentucky, and for all the children and teens who come under our care at Hebron Presbyterian Church. 

And our boundaries are not limited! Last year, in a partnership through Frontier Fellowship with the Evangelical Church of Niger, a number of you began sponsoring children to receive education in one of the ECN's schools. Through your dedicated giving, Hebron Presbyterian Church became a major sponsor of this effort, and our hope is to grow our support of this ministry. Efforts are underway right now to secure sponsorships for the coming school year, as one of our elders, Ronnie Nuckols, is preparing for a return trip to Niger in August. if you haven't already done so, please consider sponsoring at least one child at a cost of just $200 for the year. Brochures with sponsorship forms and envelopes are available at the front entrance of the sanctuary, and in the fellowship hall. If you are receiving this email out of town and would like to sponsor a child, please contact our church office at (804) 784-4018.

On a personal note, thank you so much for your warm welcome to my mother and my sister this past Sunday, as they were visiting from out-of-town. We expect our oldest son, Nathan, and his wife, Anje, to be in worship with us for the first time at Hebron, this Sunday.  

Blessings to you all - and - see you Sunday!

Connie Weaver

This Sunday, July 29th – We’ll begin a summer sermon series on the New Testament letter to the Ephesians, which will run through Labor Day Sunday, Sept. 2nd. This Sunday's sermon text is Ephesians 1:3-14. The sermon title is "The Riches of His Grace."

Also this Sunday - Connie Tuttle will our guest musician, as Markus Compton takes a well-deserved vacation with his family. Connie is a member of the music faculty at Collegiate School.

Summer Choir Sundays – August 19th & 26th, and Sept. 2nd, will be “Summer Choir” Sundays at Hebron Church. That means you can come and rehearse during the Sunday School hour (at 9:00 a.m.) and sing with the choir that day, even if you are not a regular choir member. We hope many of our “regulars” will be here to sing on those days, as well. Summer Choir is open to both youth and adults.

Mulch & Clean-up Day – It will soon be time for our Day School students and teachers to return to Hebron. With an eye toward the start-up of Day School, our deacons have set a “clean-up and mulch day” for Saturday, August 25th. Please pencil this on your calendar, and plan to help, if you can. Work will start at 9:00 a.m. and go until about noon.

Women's Bible Study - Our women's Bible study groups get started back up in early September. There are two groups that meet; one on Tuesday mornings and the other on Thursday mornings. For more information, contact our Director of Christian Education, Lori Alford, at

Fall Sermon Series - Your pastor is planning a fall sermon series on prayers from the Bible, beginning on Sept. 9th. We'll be looking at some familiar prayers, and a few not so familiar to us. 

Heritage Concert, Friday, October 19th - As part of our 175th anniversary heritage celebration, there will be a concert on the Friday evening before our Heritage Sunday, featuring the Hebron Boys and other musical guests.
Heritage Sunday, October 21st – Hebron Presbyterian’s 175th “birthday” as a congregation will be celebrated with a special service of worship and a luncheon to follow. Our guest preacher will be the Rev. Walter Mann.