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Is God Balanced?

February 02, 2018
By Pastor Allen

We hear a lot about living a balanced life, eating a balanced diet or doing all things in moderation.  But is this an accurate view of a healthy life?  If I were to achieve balance in all my relationships, I would spend as much time with you as I do with Tracy.  Currently I tend to work more than I play and exercise.  Should I achieve more balance there?

Those of us who the world would call 'religious' are often criticized for the time we worship and read the Bible.  We are cautioned not to overdo it and become fanatics.  What about God?  Is He balanced?  Our Scripture reading for Sunday is the Old Testament prophet Nahum.  He reminds us of God's justice, compassion, mercy, law, love, truth, discipline and more.  As I read this I want to ask the question: "Do I want God to balance His justice and His love?"  

When we look at the cross God seems to have gone overboard on one particular attribute.  Is it possible that He has lost some credibility because of His unbalanced approach to life?  What do you think?