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What was I Thinkin'?

January 05, 2018
By Pastor Allen

I'm always up for a challenge and I have never done a series on the minor prophets, so I thought the beginning of a new year might be a good opportunity.  I am learning a lot but it's becoming quite a task to summarize all that they said in a 20 minute message.  I may have to go over a minute or two. 

This week we'll be looking at Amos.  He was a shepherd and a tender of sycamore trees and minding his own business when God called him to preach to his fellow Israelites.  In many ways he is no different than we are when we choose to follow Christ.  Coming to Christ is not an end in itself.  It's a beginning.  We are called to Christ and to live a life of steady, upward growth.  As we mature we should look more and more like Jesus.  

As we go about our business today take time to ask God how we can be his witnesses in each and every situation we find ourselves.  I'd enjoy hearing stories of how God used you as you became more conscious of His presence with you.