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What are the Odds?

December 22, 2017
By Pastor Allen

700 years before the birth of Jesus Christ the prophet Isaiah describes "the suffering servant" in chapter 53.  Did Jesus perfectly fulfill this prediction or did he, in some uncanny way, seek to copy this so-called prophecy in order to delude and deceive people?  

This prophecy along with a dozen more describe the Savior born to a virgin, born in Bethlehem(that would have been hard to manipulate), and the One to defeat the evil one.  This Sunday morning we'll look at how, in humility, God chooses to save us by becoming the sacrifice for us.  

On Sunday evening I will be looking at the passage in Luke 15 traditionally called, "The Story of the Prodigal Son".  This story gives us a glimpse at the God behind the Christmas story.  We make so many assumptions and often make up in our own minds who this God might be.  In this passage, we will hear from Jesus himself and how radically in love he is with us.