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The Humility of God: Becoming Human Part 1

December 08, 2017
By Pastor Allen

The more I study the sciences, the more I am astounded that we exist at all.  Those who study the Cosmos would agree.  They do not have an adequate explanation of WHY we exist.  Science is not intended or equipped to answer that question.  That's more of a question for philosophers and theologians.  But science can help us with the question of "How".  And even then, with increasing computer power, better telescopes and information from the space station, it seems that this question gets more complicated every day.  

This Sunday we will be looking at the Gospel according to Luke in chapter1:26-35; Philippians 2:5-11.  Luke looks at Jesus from the point of view of the Earth whereas other passages like Philippians and John, which we will look at next week, look at Jesus from the perspective of Heaven.  As we continue to examine the humility of God, consider what God has to do verses what He wants to do.  As Creator, he owes us nothing, but in love, He provides salvation for His lost and misguided people.