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Dark Matter

December 01, 2017
By Pastor Allen

I love science!  I love it because it always and I repeat always leads us back to God if we will just open our eyes.  This week I heard on the radio again a discussion about 'dark matter'.  It's called dark matter because it's mysterious, undefined, nonphysical, invisible and undetectable...and yet they know it's there.  Hey!  Doesn't that sound like.....GOD!?!?!  They go on to say that this 'dark matter' definitely exists even though they can't see it or detect it (and that sounds like FAITH) and it is the stuff that holds the universe together.

HELLO!  Is anybody home?  We often wonder why God doesn't just come on down and reveal himself to settle the issue of His existence once and for all.  But hasn't He given us other opportunities?  Is He not respecting our freedom of choice, our uniqueness as human beings and the fact that we are made in His image?

If we will accept it, God regularly announces His existence through science, nature and you and me.  If we will just open our minds and hearts to the possibility of His existence then the proof will become so clear.

This Sunday we will begin our Advent series entitled: "The Humility of God".  We will first examine why he made us in His be like Himself.  How does this help define His willingness to be humble?  We will look at Genesis 1:26-32 and 2:18-25.