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Out of Balance

November 17, 2017
By Pastor Allen

You hear it a have to have balance in your life, everything in moderation....every mother says to her children as they are going out the door..."be careful".  Some one is headed off to their job..."Don't work too hard".  A couple of people end their conversation and one says to the other, "Take it easy."

What's going on here?  Is there a conspiracy against working hard and taking risks?  As I read Scripture it seems clear that God wants more from us than moderate effort.  Do you want me to 'not work too hard' on my sermon?  Do you want your surgeon to 'take it easy'?  Do you want the teller at your bank to 'take a chill pill'.

God made this creation with excellence.  He designed us in His image and scientists will study these bodies and minds of ours until the end of time because they are the creation of an infinite mind.  So, shouldn't we strive to be out of balance when it comes to worship?  Shouldn't we be excessive in terms of our devotion to Him?  Are we not designed for perfection and beauty?  Doesn't God deserve us to be our best, and to serve Him with all the strength that He gives us?

Be OUT OF BALANCE today!  Spend more time giving God credit for His creation, admire the amazing people around you, serve the poor and the oppressed, do your job with excellence, speak words of kindness and encouragement, act with intention and purpose and love unconditionally.