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Coach Jesus

November 10, 2017
By Pastor Allen

I've had the opportunity to coach kids in cross country, volleyball, basketball, soccer and lacrosse.  Most of the time I have done this with other dads who also have kids in the program.  Inevitably, we come at it from different angles.  I've always known that sports teach great life lessons, but often the dads I work with never learned those lessons themselves, so what they teach ends up being different than what I want to get across.

John Wooden, former UCLA coach said, “Focus on effort, not winning. Winning is a byproduct of effort.”  My own strategy was threefold: 1) Glorify God in our behavior 2) Work really hard and 3) Have fun.  And I believed, like Wooden, that winning could possibly result.

Shouldn't we do the same in our relationship to God and in church?  In our passage this week, John 16:1-33, Jesus repeatedly tells his disciples that he is leaving, but not to worry.  That seems to be one of Jesus' primary messages from the very beginning of His ministry.  He was only around for a short time, but He left with a message that will last for eternity.

As representatives of His church, carry and demonstrate that message today.