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John the Baptist - Event Planner

November 02, 2017
By Pastor Allen

Did you ever think of John the Baptist as an "Event Planner"?  My niece, Lolly, is an Event Planner in Tampa Florida and I asked her today about the various tasks that she has to do to plan a given event.  Here's a partial list:

Scout venue

Contract venue

Identify attendees

Create registration

Manage registration

Manage hotel reservations

Meet weekly w meeting host

Coordinate hotel, room set up, av needs

Order food and beverage

She also said that much of her work is fairly thankless, but a good event host will recognize her.  As we look at John, we can imagine all that he did to prepare the way for Jesus.  His venue was the desert, his attendees were anyone who would listen, etc.  And his ministry eventually slid into the background as Jesus, the main event, came into focus.  

Read our passages for the week: John 1:19-37; 3:22-30; Luke 7:18-35 and look for John's attitude, his understanding of his purpose and his relationship with Jesus.  He demonstrates many traits that we can emulate as we take people to Jesus and as we transition to Hebron's next pastor.