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From One Thing to the Next

September 29, 2017
By Pastor Allen

I've been watching the Vietnam War Documentary this week and was surprised at one point to discover that the beginnings of this war went all the way back to 1930.  Top Secret information was leaked that detailed the difficulties of engaging in a conflict in that part of the world.  So, beginning with Herbert Hoover all the way to Richard Nixon, each president had to evaluate the wisdom of  fighting communism(evidently the goal of Vietnam) in an armed conflict in Asia.  In each transition, information was passed from one president to another.  Heads of CIA, FBI, NSA, ETC....were informed and each leader made their own decisions and evaluations of U.S. resources and the risks involved.

We are in the midst of a transition here at Hebron with the PNC seeking a new pastor.  I don't think there will be a meeting between myself and the next pastor where I will pass on secret information but they will get to know you as I have done, learn the history of the church and then, by God's grace and guidance, lead Hebron for several years.

In the meantime, this Sunday we will be having a Fall Celebration with games, a petting zoo and an opportunity to get involved in the life of Hebron.  I'll begin my series on transitions by preaching from passages in  Genesis 25, 27 and 35 about the transition from Isaac to Jacob and Esau.  What lessons can we learn from their mistakes and their wisdom?