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Our Mission

September 22, 2017
By Pastor Allen

It's always dangerous when a pastor goes on a retreat because he comes back with new ideas to inflict on his congregation.  Tracy and I returned from Papua New Guinea not necessarily with new ideas but a desire to reinforce an old one.  The idea that bringing Christ to the ends of the world is what we were made for.  We were so impressed with missionaries that have devoted their lives to translating the Bible into the indigenous languages of Papua New Guinea.  There are 900 spoken tongues in this small country and 300 still need work to begin so that they can hear God speak to them in the language of their heart.

These missionaries are not all translators, but many are mechanics, accountants, teachers, administrators and more.  They are there to support the work of translation but their work is no less important.  

This Sunday I am preaching on Revelation 7 which gives a vision of all that will be in attendance at the great celebration of the Lamb.  It's a picture of people - every language, race and color of people who have put their faith in Jesus Christ - joining with the angels in worshiping our Savior.