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Good News from Papua New Guinea

September 07, 2017
By Pastor Allen

I heard from William this morning...your evening...and Rosa Lee and Gloria have been approved for their visas.  They will be able to pick them up on Monday.  Thank you for praying...but don't stop.  This is one more step in their journey.  

Yesterday, I took a coffee run to a nearby village.  Coffee is a major crop here but there are literally no roads to the villages, so the coffee is airlifted out of the village.  Wycliffe's Kodiak airplane is able to take about 1800 pounds of coffee at a time back to the Wycliffe hangar where it can be sold and the profits distributed to the villagers.  This is one way the gospel is spread to this nation by helping its infrastructure where their own government has failed them.  

Tonight I lead the men's retreat.  45 men have signed up.  I'll be speaking from a book I've been reading called "The True Measure of a Man" by Richard Simmons(Not the aerobics guy).  Pray that we'll have good discussion and that what I've prepared will be appropriate for the men here.

I preach at two services on Sunday...the first one will be for the national congregation where they speak Tok Pisin...a mixture of their own languages and English.  They may or may not need a translator...depending on who shows up.  The second service is English....hopefully they'll understand my American.  And then Sunday night I'll be teaching the high school youth how to do the S.O.A. P. method of Bible study.

Tracy has had several counseling appointments.  We did one together.  We'd appreciate your prayers as we look to being here one more week.