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August 31, 2017
By Pastor Allen

Greetings from Papua New Guinea.  We are 14 hours ahead of you so right now it's about 10:30 am Friday morning here and 8:30 pm Thursday evening where you are.  We hit the ground running with Tracy having counseling appointments, people inviting us over for dinner and me preparing talks and sermons.  Papua New Guinea is just beginning the rainy season here but today is bright and clear.  We are at an altitude of 5100 feet so it's quite cool at night in the 50's and in the 80's during the day.  I should have brought another sweat shirt.

Tracy and I shopped at the open air market this morning and had our pick of beautiful vegetables for prices that even the new Publix can't beat.  The attached picture is an aerial view of the Center.  About 500 people live here who are working on any one of the 900 languages that are spoken in PNG.  There's an upper and lower school for the children and even a pre-school.  

We've met many amazing people but two stand out: Carrie, a mother of 3 year old quintuplets(Yes, that's right 5!).  She works in the medical lab and I'm not sure what her husband does.  We also met Carl and Pat who have been here for 40 years translating one language.  They will have a New Testament dedication in January.  They raised 5 children here who are currently all living in Canada.

We feel quite privileged to be among these dedicated people.  It will be quite humbling to deliver God's Word to them on Sunday.  With their knowledge and expertise, I hope I get it right.

Thank you for your prayers.  Our trip here was bumpy with missing reservations and beginning with a late train to DC, but God was determined to get us here.  Feel free to write us and we will keep in touch.