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We Must Fall Before We Can Get Up

July 14, 2017
By Pastor Allen

For years we've seen advertisements for the pendant that older people can wear in case they fall so that they can call for help.  We can never predict when an accident will happen so it's good to be prepared.  Now it's unheard of to send our children out on their own without their cell phone...just in case.  Or if I go on an errand and forget my phone, I feel handicapped...what if something happens?  I am old enough to remember when we did not have such things.  Are we better off?  

We've created a dependency on technology that I hope is a positive change.  I love the gps, the ability to call from anywhere and being able to be virtually available at any time.  Are we just as available to God?  Somehow, even though God is omnipresent we seem to be able to ignore him to our detriment.  In our reading in Isaiah 5 He says that He will be a stone that will cause us to stumble and a rock to make us fall.  Because God wants to involve us in His work He has to get our attention.  

Next time you are inconvenienced, in an accident, or interrupted imagine that  God might be interjecting Himself into your life and trying to get your attention.  Sometimes we need to fall before we can get up and do the right thing.