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Ancient Words

June 30, 2017
By Pastor Allen

New is not always better.  In an age of technological change this adage has been a constant refrain.  I'm reading the biography of Thomas Edison and his invention of the electric light bulb was greeted with skepticism as well as the telephone, radio, TV and computer.  These are the "new" things that have been accepted, but we don't hear about: a cigarette holder for two(pictured), a mind reading machine invented in 1920, a robotic golf trainer, eavesdropping headphones, a robot that washes your car and my favorite - a car in the shape of a single big wheel where you sit inside.

People have tried to make changes to the Scriptures and there are certainly cultural adaptations that need to be addressed but anything moral and ethical that is presented in the Bible has not required change.  Therefore, God's Word is true for all people, at all times in all places.  Let's be careful to understand what principles are timeless and what practices were merely cultural.  It's not easy at first and we need good interpretation and the Holy Spirit to guide us.