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A Good Finish

June 23, 2017
By Pastor Allen

What happens when you put together 76 kids with a mixture of 42 adults and young teenagers and give them the task of spending 3 hours together for 5 days and expect them to pay attention, not get mortally wounded and give them the 2000 year old message of the gospel?  Oh, also can you imagine teenage boys doing hand motions to songs and thinking it's cool?  And what about little boys who can't stop attacking their older boy counselors?  Sounds a bit chaotic and unrealistic.  But it all happened this week.

Lori did a great job organizing and each volunteer added their gifts and talents to the mix and provided a phenomenal program where they learned about peace, patience, joy, love and...and...and...I better call one of the kids for a reminder.

Hebron remains a mission outpost where people can come and be assured that they will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our presence here makes a difference and our influence infiltrates the community in unknown ways.  Thank you for supporting programs like VBS.