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Monthly Letter



June 09, 2017
By Pastor Allen

Dear Church Family,

Whose words do you trust more than any other?  And why do you trust those words?  Because the person behind them is trustworthy.  Trust is earned.  I know I said that to my children more than once.  Regularly, we watch the news and it's one person's words against another's.  We judge the veracity of their words on how they used words in the past and how they have lived their lives.

God's Words have earned our trust because of His love and His character.  We believe them to be true.  We even believe them when our life experience seems in opposition to them because His Words are more trustworthy than our experience or our feelings.  Last night I heard Tony Evans preaching on the radio about Shadrach, Mechak and Abdnedgo when Nebachadnezzar saw them walking around in the furnace with a fourth who looked like a son of God. His conclusion is that Jesus will not always deliver us from our troubles but He'll be with us in the fire.