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A New Command

May 12, 2017
By Pastor Allen

I had an opportunity to talk with the Big Dogs class in the Day School this morning and I thought we should talk about death, burial and resurrection. Seriously, and they loved it.  But I came in the back door.

Several of you left your Easter flowers here, so after a couple of weeks it became obvious that they were orphaned, so I absconded the bulbs from the remaining pots with the plan of planting them around the church.

This morning the Big Dogs came to my office and we talked about how the process the bulbs go through is similar to what happened to Jesus.  If the bulbs aren't buried, they can't produce new life.  Just as Jesus' death gave us life.  And each one of them said, "Ohhhh yeah...I get it now."  Well...maybe not, but by next Spring when they see their flowers coming up around Easter, it may remind them of what we talked about.

Our Scripture this week is John 13:31-14:14.  Jesus said after Judas went out into the night, "“Now the Son of Man is glorified and God is glorified in him."  Jesus used an act of treachery to bring glory to God.  So, surely God can use difficult times in our lives to bring life from what appears to be bad.