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Does Jesus meet our expectations?

May 05, 2017
By Pastor Allen

Do we make our words and our actions count?  Jesus knew approximately when he was going to die and he certainly knew how.  So, he prepared his disciples by telling them important things, teaching them about the kingdom of God and in one of his final acts he washes their feet.  Our passage this week is John 13:1-30 and Jesus says he wants to show the the full extent of his love.  He got various reactions from the disciples: Peter was appalled that his Savior and Lord would stoop so low and begged him not to do it.  Some believe Judas was probably disgusted and fed up with Jesus because he wasn't "acting" as a Messiah should.  We can assume the other disciples just didn't know what to say.  

I wonder if Jesus meets our expectations.  Do we make Christianity to fit us and our culture or do we allow the words and actions of Jesus to wash over us and challenge every presupposition we might have about ourselves, God and faith?

This Sunday we will celebrate communion.  Good timing with our Scripture passage.  Let's come prepared to hear what our Lord would say to us.