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Who's Your Hero?

April 21, 2017
By Pastor Allen

My favorite movies are the ones where the hero faces impossible odds, risks his life for others and saves the day.  You can almost always be assured that if the 'hero' is in trouble that he will somehow figure out how to get out of it.  And yet it's a great story because the anxiety and tension are palpable.  You are sure you know how it's going to end but there's always that "what if?".

The Gospel story has that same thrill.  Jesus, as our hero, faces ridicule, torture and even death and yet he rides into town without fear.  He even dies and yet even this doesn't defeat Him.  He actually uses death to prove His real power.  

Throughout holy week week we descended into the darkness of the days leading up to the crucifixion.  Jesus had continually told His disciples what would happen in order to prepare them but they couldn't understand.  We know the end of our salvation story, but we don't know the end of our own stories.  Our passage this week is John 12: 22-36.  

Today, despite our lack of knowledge of the future we can be assured the same Jesus that rescued us from our sins is still in the business of seeking and saving the lost.  May we join Him in His mission.