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Darkness First

April 14, 2017
By Pastor Allen

Last night we commemorated perhaps the darkest day of Jesus' life here on earth.  You'd think that today, the day he was crucified was the worst, but I think Thursday night was much harder.  It was on that night that Judas betrayed him.  It was on that night that Peter denied knowing Him.  It was on that night His disciples fell asleep while He experienced agony in the garden.  Did He have doubts about the plan that He and the Father had worked out?  I believe He might have struggled until He got it all out of His system when He sweat the drops of blood and the angels comforted Him.

Jesus was nailed to the cross and His blood was shed for you and me.  Our sins can be forgiven if we repent because of His work on the cross.  We washed each other's feet last night symbolizing that although, as followers of Christ, we are forgiven and redeemed, we need to seek forgiveness every day for the thoughtless acts of unkindness, stray thoughts, inconsiderate words and impure motives.  Our condition as believers is "forgiven" but the act of washing and the communion table remind us of what it cost.

We can celebrate Sunday so much more if we understand yesterday and today.  Do you know how much you've been forgiven?