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I was lost

April 07, 2017
By Pastor Allen


Yesterday in the pouring rain I found Spot out wandering on Miller's Lane.  He had been spooked by the thunder and ran from home.  I brought him to the church much to the delight of the kids in Day School and called his owner. Fortunately, he had a collar with their phone number.  

Of course he was soaked to the skin, shaking all over and wondering who I was that was willing to take him into my still smells like wet dog today.  I like dogs and hoped that he would come to me when I called him, but I also knew that it was a distinct possibility that he would run away and continue to be miserable, wet and cold.

It's easy to say that Spot was being foolish by running away from the shelter of his home in the pouring rain.  Didn't he know how good he had it?

As we approach Easter we are reminded from the Gospels that Jesus came to seek and save that which was He offers us peace and safety and yet how often do we try to go it alone?   We can be miserable, wet and cold and wonder where God is.  In our passage this week, Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey and John 12:16 says, "At first his disciples did not understand all this."  That really sums it up doesn't it.  

May we gain an understanding of God's love for us, His desire to save us and receive His gift of salvation. Let's approach this coming week with anticipation of hearing God's Word in a fresh way.