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The Miracle of the Message

December 02, 2016
By Allen

I like to view Christmas as the day God invaded the earth.  Maybe it's because I'm such a science fiction buff.  It's a miracle that the God of the universe pays any attention to us.  As one scientist points out how small we are relative to the size of the universe:  "We are a speck on a speck on a speck on a speck.

Our passage for Sunday is Hebrews 1.  The writer is reminding us that Jesus' main mission was to come to give the the forgiveness of sins.  Yes, he did lots of other things but without forgiveness nothing else matters.  

This is such a fun time of year.  As I am writing the ladies are decorating the church and we are preparing for the tree lighting service tonight.  Let's participate fully this season by practicing the message that Jesus taught us.

In Christ's Service,