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Good Advice

February 10, 2017
By Pastor Allen

When was the last time you received good advice?  Did you follow it?  Many are reluctant to offer their thoughts because they may think, "Who am I to say anything?"  Others freely dispense 'words of wisdom' to anyone that will listen and often too many words become just babbling.  In Exodus 18 Moses' father-in-law shows us a good way to earn the right to be heard.  He says encouraging words first and then when he senses that Moses is ready to receive, he simple states, "What you are doing is not good."

It says a lot that Moses listened because he was the one man who had a special relationship with God.  Being open to correction and change are marks of a mature person.  Do we desire to grow beyond who we are today?  What are the marks of maturity?  And how is God's Word unique in the words and advice it gives on daily living, relationships, freedom and peace?